Pilgrims Vets’ advice on adopting a rabbit

Rabbits make great pets for everyone, from families with children who are learning about responsibility and caring for an animal to animal-lovers with limited space and time. And, although they are unique little delights, they have at least one thing in common with many other animal breeds in this country – lots of them need rescuing.

If you’re considering adopting a pet, you might want to think about taking in a rabbit, and the team at Pilgrims Veterinary Practice offer here some reasons why.

Apart from anything else, rabbits are cute, cuddly, friendly and relatively easy to care for. They don’t need taking for walks or obedience training, and they can be left alone in their secure hutch without you fearing that they’re pining.

You don’t even need to have an outside space – many people successfully keep rabbits as house pets – and they are quite long-lived, possibly up to the age of about 10, so they tick many boxes.

But of course, as with any pet, they do need basic care from an owner. This includes regular vet check-ups and vaccinations.

Understanding a rabbit’s dietary needs is especially important too as they need to eat the right things to keep their constantly-growing incisor teeth at the right length, and they do need stimulation like any creature – which means you have the fun of setting up playtime for them.

Many rabbits are in need of rescuing, so if you’re ready to give one a good home, check out your local animal shelters and find a new pet for you.

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