Keep your dog away from these festive treats

One of the best things about Christmas is the volume of tasty things around the house – and our dogs tend to agree!

However, there are certain festive treats that can be very dangerous for our dogs, so it’s important to keep them out of reach.

Below is a list of typical Christmas food that is toxic to our dogs.

Foods that are toxic for dogs include:

  1. Chocolate – Chocolate is poisonous to our dogs and will make them extremely ill. Dark chocolate is the most toxic, but milk and white chocolate are also poisonous. Unfortunately, dogs often love the smell of chocolate and will find it easily, so make sure it’s somewhere they can’t get it.
  2. Nuts – The fat in nuts can make them difficult for dogs to digest. If they swallow nuts whole they can cause internal obstructions which can result in emergency surgery.
  3. Raisins and grapes – These can cause acute kidney failure within 48 hours of ingestion. So keep Christmas pudding and mince pies out of your dogs reach.
  4. Christmas dinner ingredients – Poultry skin, gravy, onions, stuffing and garlic can all cause vomiting and diarrhoea as your dog’s stomach isn’t used to such rich and fatty foods.
  5. Cooked poultry bones – These become brittle during cooking and can splinter inside your dog, causing injuries to their stomach and digestive system. Chicken and turkey bones are particularly dangerous and may need surgery to remove.

If your dog has eaten any of the above or you are concerned about any other foods please call the practice.


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