Cracking Christmas gifts for cats in The New Forest

Would you like a contented cat this Christmas?

We’ve got lots of great festive gift ideas. The team at Pilgrims have put together a list of our top favourites to help with your Christmas shopping to make your feline friend purr with delight…

  • Catnip toys – The chemical in catnip makes cats feel excited, so a small toy filled with it is bound to give them hours of fun.
  • Cat treats – Christmas is often a time of over-indulgence, so it’s important not to overdo it – but a few festive treats will help your cat get into the seasonal spirit. Try some varied options to see what they like most, but remember to feed in moderation!
  • Scratching posts – Give your cat AND yourself a treat with a new scratching post. For them: An entertaining new pastime. For you: Choose a style to suit your décor and limit scratch damage to your furniture.
  • Interactive toys – Upgrade your cat’s playtime with some interactive toys, like chasing balls through tubes, catching butterflies or working out puzzles to get hidden treats. It’s also handy for you, as you know your cat is having fun while you get on with other things.

If you need specific advice about your cat, please feel welcome to visit our practice or give us a call.

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Lynne and Richard Deacon

Thanks for the handy hints for the festive season.
Hope all your brilliant vets, nurses and staff have a peaceful, happy Christmas


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