Bovine TB Testing – During the Covid 19 outbreak

In recognition of the potential challenges faced by farmers during the COVID-19 outbreak the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) has put contingency plans in place to deal with a number of scenarios in which there is reduced veterinary capacity to undertake TB skin testing.

Our official veterinary bodies have published a joint statement that specifically designates vets working in food production from ‘farm to fork’ as being key workers. This includes our farm vets, official veterinarians working in the food chain, vets working in abattoirs and vets in other related inspection and certification roles.

As with all things related to the Covid-19 breakout, we can only continue TB testing if, in our opinion, it can be done safely and in accordance with current COVID-19 public health advice.

As this general approach can raise as many questions as it answers, we thought we’d highlight this detailed set of Qs&As around TB testing during the current lockdown. We’re encouraging all our farm clients with cattle to read the up to date advice and call us if you have any questions that are not answered by this resource.

Read the current advice.

Contact us if you have any TB testing questions.

At present APHA is continuing to instruct us regarding statutory TB skin testing, however the UK Chief Veterinary Officer is keeping this under constant review. Adjustments to TB testing instructions may be made as the COVID-19 outbreak progresses but if you have any pressing questions please remember that our farm team is always available to help.

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