Relaxed Consultations

15 Minute Consultations

We offer relaxed, 15-minute veterinary consultations at Pilgrims Vets for you and your pet.

When it comes to pet healthcare, giving the best customer service possible is extremely important to us, that’s why we don’t want to rush you.

Veterinary Consultations at Pilgrims Vets in the New Forest are for the benefit of you and your pet and in our experience, a 15-minute consultation gives us the time to get to know your pet, time to listen to your concerns and time to perform extra basic tests beyond our clinical exam.

More time in consults means we more often get the problem sorted without another visit and you get peace of mind sooner. It also means that our appointments are more likely to run to time, so you and your dog spend less time waiting.

Same-vet consultations for continuity of care

We do our best to offer you follow-up consultations with the same vet for continuity of care, and so that both you and your pet are given the time to forge a strong bond with our veterinary team.

Booking a consultation with our veterinary team

All consultations are by appointment at both our Fordingbridge and Cranborne branches 9-11am and 3-6pm.

We also offer Nurse appointments for many of your pet’s routine healthcare treatments and post op care. Ask our team about booking your pet an appointment with one of our vets or nurses.