The Chicken Vet

Poultry Veterinary Services Dorset

The majority of the poultry work undertaken at Pilgrims is focussed around the health and management of backyard hens. Two of our vets have a particular interest in chickens and have attended additional veterinary poultry courses (in association with The Chicken Vet), to further their knowledge.

Our clients range from families with a few pet hens to small-holders managing thirty or more birds. We are able to examine birds at the practice during consulting hours, and are keen to promote routine flock visits, to discuss preventative healthcare, husbandry and flock management.

Common poultry conditions encountered in first opinion practice include respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease (for example crop-bound birds or diarrhoea), ectoparasites (mites and lice), skin disease and laying problems (for example the egg-bound hen). Our vets are happy to examine, diagnose and treat as necessary and we are able to perform routine surgical procedures, for example crop impaction surgery and spaying. In the event of a disease outbreak in a flock, or to investigate the sudden death of a pet bird, we are also able to carry out post-mortem examination.

Our out-of hours service includes the provision of emergency care for poultry, should it be required.