Equine Surgery

Vetting Service Dorset & New Hampshire

Equine surgical procedures include castrations, lump removals and wound closures.

Many routine procedures can be performed on your premises, anywhere in the Dorset or New Forest area. Our vets at Pilgrims perform these surgeries on a regular basis, and will be happy to come out to assess your horse, pony or donkey for surgery.

Standing sedation vs general anaesthetic

Horse and pony castrations, lump removals and wound closures can usually be performed under standing sedation. This depends on the procedure and also the temperament of the animal. In some cases, a short general anaesthetic is used, especially in more detailed surgical situations, such as with donkey castrations.

Horse colic surgery

Colic is the most common cause of premature death in domesticated horses. Major abdominal surgery is normally required to treat colic. Talk to our team about the cost of colic surgery for your horse.


As well as equine surgery, Pilgrims Vets in the New Forest can provide you with the below equine services: