Puppy Socialisation & Training Classes

Puppy Classes Dorset New Forest

Saturday Morning Puppy Socialisation Club:

Currently unavailable due to Covid-19

Every Saturday morning from 9-9.45am, the waiting room at our Fordingbridge veterinary practice is open for you and your 8-12 week old puppy to join in with our free puppy socialisation group. Only for those puppies who are not yet allowed out in public, this group gives the chance to meet other canine friends in a calm and positive environment.

The “social window”, when your puppy is most receptive to learning about the world in which they live, starts from 8 weeks of age and a hugely important part of that world is getting on well with dogs they encounter everyday. By meeting similar aged pups, they learn to understand how to interact and speak “dog” which hugely reduces behavioural issues later in life.

Not just a  great way to get socialising early before moving on to our puppy training classes this session also gets your puppy used to visiting the vets. Our Fordingbridge vet practice is ideally located for pet owners in Dorset or the New Forest.

CALL OR EMAIL PILGRIMS VETS to book your Puppy Socialisation Club place! All puppies must have had their first puppy vaccine.

Puppy Training Classes:

Currently unavailable due to Covid-19

Run by local ABTC registered trainer, Lisa Tonks of Paws4Reward, these 6-week puppy training classes run every Tuesday evening at the Blissford practice and provide you and your puppy with all the necessary training tools to embark on a happy life together. For more information, please visit: