Pet Passports

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Currently you will need a pet passport to travel abroad with your pet.

You will also need to follow pet travel requirements for each country you are travelling to and from, which may change by Britain leaving the EU. We’ll keep you up to date on Brexit pet travel news.

The current procedure to issue pet passports is as follows:

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets need a microchip to identify them.
  • At 3 months of age (or older) we can give a rabies vaccination and issue a pet passport. 
  • 21 days after this, your pet can travel overseas. Countries outside of the EU have various requirements and we may need to get import permits organised (some have quarantine), but those within the EU are generally straight forward destinations for pet travel.

Coming back into the UK dogs will need a vet check and a tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before arrival (cats can just re-enter).

Returning from countries further afield, your pet will need to have had a blood sample at least 30 days after the rabies vaccine was administered to prove the vaccine worked, then has to wait at least 3 months from the date of that blood sample before it can come back into the UK. Ideally we’d organise this for you before you leave the UK rather than you having to battle to sort it out in the back of beyond. You should book an appointment and chat to our team well in advance of your trip.

Always check the D.E.F.R.A. website for UK and overseas pet travel requirements.

We work very closely with PetAir UK for any overseas exports or imports. 

Pet Passport FAQs

Can I take my cat abroad? Yes, cats can travel abroad with the right pre-trip veterinary care and documentation.

How much does it cost to take my pet on holiday? Ask our friendly team for advice and costs of pet passports and the pet rabies vaccine cost.

Do I need a pet passport for Ireland? Ireland trips require an EU pet passport.