Parasite Control for Camelids

Parasite Control

Camelids are susceptible to a variety of harmful parasites.

Good pasture sanitisation programs and management are just part of the preventative healthcare measures you should take to protect your Camelids from parasites. Our experienced team can advise you on all areas on parasite control for Camelids.

Alpaca, Llamas & Worms

Camelids are particularly susceptible to internal parasites such as worms, coccidia and liver fluke. Alpacas and Llamas are also at risk from many of the gastro-intestinal nematodes or “worms” that infect sheep and cattle, such as scour worms and barber’s pole worm

External parasites such as lice and mites can also pose a problem.

Parasite Control treatments for Alpacas and Llamas

Our experienced veterinary team can offer advice on the correct parasite control measures for your animals, and tailor a formalised plan if necessary.

As there are no anti-parasitic medications currently licensed for use with camelids, we will often use medicines licensed for sheep or cattle. In many cases the doses for camelids are very different, so we advise that you contact our Fordingbridge practice before treating your animals.


As well as parasite control for camelids, Pilgrims Vets in the New Forest can provide you with the below services: