Nurse Clinics for Cats

Cat Vet Dorset

Book one of our helpful nurse clinics to learn more about caring for your cat.

Cats can be complex creatures, and experts at hiding when they are feeling unwell. Our experienced qualified veterinary nurses are always on hand to give you free advice and help with any issue, or you can book your pet in for one of our specialised nurse cat clinics:

  • Cat Weight Clinic – advice on exercise and feeding management, plus, track changes in body condition to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your cat.
  • Dental Care Cat Clinic – advice on dental care options and training in why and how to brush your cat’s teeth.
  • Senior Cat Health Clinic – our older pets need a bit of extra care, this clinic gives advice on how you can make changes in routine, diet and exercise to better manage your cat’s ageing process.
  • Feline Diabetes Clinic – there is a lot of new information to take in when your cat is diagnosed with diabetes. These cat clinics give you time to take on board all that information, learn about insulin and practice injection techniques.
  • Parasite Clinic for Cats – the options for controlling all the worms, fleas and ticks can be overwhelming. What to treat, when and which products to use will change according to the lifestyle of your cat and your priorities.

Our nurses also provide the following charged services:

  • Cat claw clipping
  • Anal gland emptying
  • Dressing changes
  • Blood sampling