Equine Health Checks

Pilgrims Equine Health Check

Preventative health care is a vital aspect of keeping a horse or pony.

Routine visits for equine vaccinations are an important part of preventative health care, as are having regular health checks so that any issues can be spotted and dealt with early.

During an equine health check with a vet, our experienced team can also offer advice on diet, worming programmes, dental issues, and any other healthcare concerns you may have. 

At Pilgrims Veterinary Practice, our vets are able to visit your horse or pony anywhere in the Dorset and New Forest area. If 4 or more horses are seen at the same yard, the visit is FREE.

We recommend that all horses and ponies are vaccinated against influenza and tetanus routinely.


As well as equine health checks, Pilgrims Vets in the New Forest can provide you with the below equine services: