Goat & Sheep Vaccinations

Sheep Goat Veterinary Service Dorset New Forest

Protect your livestock with routine goat & sheep vaccinations.

Preventative health care is a vital component of any productive unit, and vaccinations for sheep & goats is a large part of this.

Clostridial diseases are a relatively common cause of death in sheep and goats. As such, we recommend that all sheep and goats are vaccinated against these diseases. Additionally, pneumonia caused by pasteurella is fairly common, and we will often recommend a combined vaccination protocol that combines protection from Pasteurella and Clostridial diseases.

What is Pasteurella disease?

Pasteurellosis is a devastating condition caused by B trehalosi, which can affect sheep & goats of all ages. This disease is one of the most common causes of mortality in sheep & goats, regardless of age, and is most often associated with stress. Symptoms include fever, listlessness, poor appetite and sudden death in young animals. It’s thought that the bacterial organism moves to the lungs from the tonsils and passes into the blood, which can cause severe pneumonia in sheep and goats.

What are Clostridial diseases?

Clostridia is a group of bacterial organisms commonly found in soil, where they can survive for a lengthy period of time. Occurring naturally in the gut of healthy animals, most of these bacterial organisms will pass in manure and contaminate the soil. Clinical infection is often triggered by a stressful event, which may include a change in weather, diet or a parasitic infection.

Clostridial diseases include:

  • Lamb dysentery
  • Pulpy kidney
  • Blackleg
  • Black disease
  • Tetanus
  • Botulism
  • Braxy
  • Malignant Oedema

Depending on each flock’s individual risks and environmental factors, our experienced vets in the New Forest can offer advice on other sheep & goat vaccinations if necessary, as well as a formalised herd & flock health plan to ensure the ongoing welfare of your animals.