Cattle TB Testing

TB Testing

Pilgrims’ vets are APHA-approved to perform TB testing on cattle.

Routine TB tests on cattle in Hampshire and Dorset are performed annually, however, there are some additional regulations that relate to the movement and testing of animals in the New Forest. Ask our vets for more advice on TB testing in your area.

What is TB testing and why is it so important?

According to the UK TB Hub, Cattle keepers have a statutory responsibility to ensure that their animals can be safely TB tested. The tuberculin skin test is carried on two days; Day one – injection of avian and bovine tuberculin. Day two – reading of the test 72 (+/- four) hours later.”

Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a highly infectious disease affecting cattle. It primarily affects the lungs and is thought to be transmitted within herds by inhalation of infected aerosol droplets from infected cattle.

Can Bovine tuberculosis be passed to humans?

Bovine tuberculosis can be passed to humans via direct contact with a wound (can happen during slaughter). Also risks, but minimal ones, are humans contracting TB through inhaling the infected aerosol droplets when working closely with infected cattle, and eating infected meat.

Unfortunately, with the recent changes to the way government-funded TB tests (whole herd-tests, tracer tests, new herd tests etc) are paid, we have elected to discontinue our contract with XL Farmcare to perform these tests. This means that we are not able to perform Government-funded TB testing through XL Farmcare, however, we understand the importance of having a familiar face performing your cattle TB test, so we are still able to perform these tests privately. This would be at your own expense.

Combined cattle services

We can combine cattle TB testing with blood testing for disease screening, pregnancy diagnosis, cattle vaccinations and various other basic procedures (such as castrations and disbudding) as we understand in many cases this is the easiest or only opportunity to have this done.

We still offer routine pre-movement testing as always, and routine herd visits to your premises.

Please get in contact with us to discuss any TB testing or other cattle enquiries you may have.