Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy in Cows in Dorset and New Forest

Our experienced veterinary team can assist you with cattle pregnancy diagnosis.

Knowing which cows and heifers are pregnant and having an idea on calving dates can make management of a suckler unit much simpler. Using our mobile Easiscan ultrasound scanner we are able to provide information on the pregnancy status of your animals.

The best time to perform these ‘PD’ scans are usually approximately 6-8 weeks after the bulls have been taken out. Scanning at this time gives us the best opportunity to give accurate calving dates, but also offer advice on non-pregnant animals. Picking up barren animals, or managing infertility issues at this early stage helps to improve the productivity of your farm.

Talk to our experienced team about what to expect when one or more members of your herd is expecting, and how we can help with the pregnancy and other cattle health issues.


As well as pregnancy diagnosis, Pilgrims Veterinary Practice offers the below cattle services: