Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat friendly vet clinic

Your cat will be in excellent hands at Pilgrims Vets in the New Forest.

We understand that our feline friends have very different needs to dogs. Car journeys are not a regular part of their life and different sights, sounds, smells and handling can add up, making even a routine vet visit a stressful experience. At Pilgrims Veterinary Practice in the New Forest we endeavour to make our service as cat friendly as possible:

Our team understands how tricky a trip to the vets with cats can be. Here are our top tips on how to get your cat into a basket and other ways you can help:

  • Get your cat accustomed to their carrier – keep it out as part of the furniture and regularly feed your cat inside.
  • Use a top opening carrier for easy handling in and out. Cover the top with a blanket to help hide strange sight, sounds and smells.
  • Handle the carrier gently, secure it well within your car and drive carefully.
  • Use a pheromone spray or keep a piece of clothing which smells familiar inside the carrier.
  • Let us know you are here, and then wait in your car until your appointment time, or move to a corner of the waiting room with your cat carrier off the floor, away from our canine visitors.

7 reasons to bring your cat to Pilgrims Vets

  1. Important annual feline vaccinations and a health check with the vet
  2. Parasite control for cats is vital to keep fleas, worms & ticks away
  3. Talk to our team about a Wellness Plan for your cat
  4. Want to take your cat abroad? They will need a Pet Passport
  5. We provide cat blood pressure and kidney monitoring for senior cats to help with early detection of any problems or diseases.
  6. For free advice on many aspects of Cat Care, including Weight & Diet, Dental Care and Feline Diabetes, book your cat into one of our Nurse Clinics.