Blood Pressure and Kidney Monitoring

Cat Blood Pressure and Kidney Monitoring

Just as people commonly suffer with high blood pressure, so do our feline friends. This can cause small bleeds on the brain or in the eye and damage the kidneys. Studies show that 1 in 20 healthy older cats can suffer silently from this condition, which can be easily managed with medication. It is recommended that all cats over the age of 7 years have their blood pressure checked at least every year to prevent serious illness.

Visit the icatcare website for information about the effects of high blood pressure in cats.

Kidney disease in elderly cats is also very common and usually caused by an accelerated aging process. Early detection is key to help slow the progression of the disease which causes inappetance and weight loss. Increased drinking may be the first sign noticed by you, however, changes in urine concentration and blood tests will show up the disease before any signs are obvious. We recommend testing the urine concentration annually in elderly cats. Samples can be collected by you at home or by us in a consultation.