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Vet Facilities in the New Forest

Pilgrim’s modern vet facilities and mobile vet equipment complements our comprehensive range of services. This combination allows us to optimise the standard of care we are able to offer the pets, horses & farm animals of the New Forest.

Both our practices boast state-of-the-art operating theatres. In addition, our main surgery in Fordingbridge also has a fully equipped laboratory.  Ongoing investment in these facilities means we can do more for the animals in our care without transporting them. This is an approach that has promoted much better healthcare outcomes in our patients.

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Our Facilities

Mobile Digital Radiography

Mobile Digital X-ray

Our Eklin DR system is a fully mobile digital X-Ray facility for use in the field as well as for small animal patients at our Fordingbridge surgery.

The fact the system is mobile makes life much easier for animals that can’t travel. The instant projection of quality images allows us to work efficiently, minimising the time your animal needs to be sedated (if sedation is required at all).


M-Turbo Ultrasound system

Mobile Ultrasound

Compact, sturdy and versatile, our mobile ultrasound system produces high quality images that help our vets to make more accurate diagnosis in a more timely fashion.

A key application for this amazing piece of kit is for tendon scanning and pregnancy diagnosis, in the field, as part of our equine services. It’s also commonly used for abdominal and heart scans which are important  services for dogs & cats.


Dental digital radiography - Nomad Pro Vet

Digital Dental X-ray

This mobile dental X-ray system can be used with a range of animals, allowing us to identify which teeth are causing discomfort, facilitating extraction with minimal complication.  

With 70% of dental disease found below the gum line, dental X-rays are an essential part of dental assessment so if your pet’s teeth have not been checked recently, we’d encourage you to book a free dental consultation with one of our nurses.




Our endoscopes comprise a flexible (up to 1.8m long) fibre-optic tube with a light and camera at the end. They allow our vets to see directly inside and take samples of tissue from the throat, airways and stomachs of horses and large animals. A smaller version is used for pets.

These instruments complement the preventative healthcare services we offer for horses, farm animals and pets across the New Forest.


Equine motorised dental equipment

Equine motorised dental equipment

In addition to the manual files, we use for equine rasping we also have a power float. This can either be used as part of a routine equine dental (for speed) OR they can be used to reduce larger dental overgrowths quickly and efficiently. 

Proper dental examinations form an important part of horses’ preventative healthcare regime so if you haven’t had your horse examined recently you might want us to pop in on our Rounds Visits.



In House Laboratory

Our in house laboratory boasts a state of the art bloods machine, microscope and a host of other equipment. We invest heavily in this important area of the practice with significant benefits for all our patients.

Having veterinary laboratory facilities on site (rather than having to send samples to an external lab) means our farm, equine & small animal vets get rapid results – essential in emergency cases or when treating sick animals as part of our emergency and out of hours services.


Separate Cat Ward

Separate Cat Ward

We have dedicated cat ward for our feline friends, who benefit from being hospitalised in an area that is physically separated from dogs and other pets. This greatly reduces stress for the cat, contributing to a better quality of recovery.

Our cat ward is just one of a number of specialised facilities at our Fordingbridge & Cranborne surgeries.  If you’d like to see how the way Pilgrims Vets do things makes a difference to your pet’s health then why not…


Free Parking

Free Parking

We do everything we can to make your pet’s visit to see our vet team as stress free as possible (and to make your life easier too). So…

Our Fordingbridge practice has a large car park which provides plenty of free parking for our clients.

Our Cranborne practice faces onto a quiet road with plenty of free on-street parking directly outside the surgery.